Giants Baseball

Giants Baseball is back! (sorry for the late start on the blogs). As everyone learned last year, pitching wins ball games, even more so than stellar hitting, like the Texas Rangers for example. For this years Giants, there is no question that the pitching is there:

Tim Lincecum – 2-1 (1.67 ERA)
Jonathan Sanchez – 1-1 (3.24 ERA)
Matt Cain(er) – 2-0 (1.42 ERA)
Barry Zito – 0-1 (6.23 ERA) DL
Madison Bumgarner – 0-2 (7.36 ERA)
aside from Bumgarner and Zito. We don’t expect Barry Zito to be the pitcher he once was and Madison Bumgarner is a young pitcher with great stuff, however, is still figuring out the big leagues. 
Our offense will define this team this year, it’s up to the offense to make this team a Back To Back World Series WINNER, and so far, so good. Pablo lost 40 lbs in the off season and is now hitting .333 (18-54), while Grandpa, Posey, and Pablo have 11, 11, and 10 RBI’s respectively. Freddy has been doing it as well with consistent hitting, and Nate Schierholtz had a great night at the dish last night in Colorado with a Home Run going 3-4 on the night. If Burrell keeps hitting a Home Runs and striking out every other time, fine with me, we have no other options really, and he has 5 Home Runs. As for Brandon Belt, I really don’t think he should be sent down. He gives you Gold Glove defense at first base, and I think he will pick it up at the dish, I really do. 
Giants took Game 1 of the series against Colorado last night, with an offensive outburst, and face Ubaldo Jimenez tonight in Game 2. Go Giants!
Rockies will slow down eventually, the Division is ours!

Giants Lose Uribe, Acquire Tejada.

It became official yesterday that Juan Uribe is a Dodger. He signed a 3 year $21 million contract with L.A. Though I hate the Dodgers, and they are the Giants’ rival, I will not Boo Uribe when he comes back to Pac Bell. He was a great Giant; offensively and defensively, last year he hit 24 HRs and batted in 85 runs. However, more importantly, which all Giant fans know, he is Mr. Clutch. I think more than half of his HRs gave the Giants the lead in a game. Not to mention he hit one of the most important HRs in San Francisco Giants history.

Game 6 NLCS. Go ahead HR in the 8th to get the Giants to the World Series. 
Despite your departure to L.A. I want to thank you, Juan Uribe. Thank you for a great career as a Giant, thank you for all those clutch HRs, thank you for the Game 6 HR in the NLCS, thank you for helping us win the World Series! You are a Giant!
Now, on to the 2011 Giants. The Giants replaced Juan Uribe with Miguel Tejada. I think this is a great move. They signed him to a 1 year, 6.5 million dollar deal. I thought it was smart to only sign him to a year because he is old as dirt. However, don’t think that he cannot produce. He was an AWESOME Athletic and had some BIG years in Baltimore. Last year was his least productive year of his career and he hit .270. I’ll take it. Besides, who says he wont hit .290 or .300? The guy can hit! In 2009 Aubrey Huff had his worst year, and look what he did in 2010. It’s Magic Inside! Go Giants! Welcome Miguel Tejada!

Giants Resign Huff

I am so excited about this move, it was a must. Aubrey is the boy, he has been one of my favorite Giants all season, and looking back, is probably one of my favorite Gmen since Barry. 

Here is what Huff did in 2010:
.290 AVG
26 HR
86 RBI
100 RUNS
the list goes on…
Not only is Huff great on the field, but his clubhouse presence might be even better. Huff was one of the main contributors to the World Title in November, which is still insane to think of. I was so happy and relieved that the Giants resigned him, and I think so was he. “I’ve been with 5 different teams. I liked them, but I love this place,” Huff said earlier this month. “You’d be an idiot not to come back here.” 
Aubrey Huff signed a 2 year 22 million dollar contract. Pretty crazy compared to last years contract: 1 year 3 million.
Thank you for everything Aubrey, and thank you Giants for re-signing him. See you at Spring Training Aubrey, I would love to drink a beer with you.
images-12.jpeg images-13.jpeg
images-14.jpeg images-15.jpeg ‘
Aubrey Huff finished 7th in MVP voting.

Congratulaions to Buster Posey – NL Rookie of the Year

Not much to say here. We all know how good Posey is, and I am persuaded that he will continue his success throughout the rest of his career. He has one of the best swings in the Major Leagues, he is as mature as a 10 year vet, he is a great catcher, with a great arm, the list goes on. All I can say is thank you, and I hope that he will be a Giant for his whole career. He is the next Johnny Bench.

I think that Buster Posey deserved the NL Rookie of the Year award with out question, and apparently so did the voters (Posey, 20 votes – Heyward, 9 votes), but many, if not most, fans still seem to think the Heyward deserved the award. Here are their numbers in the 2010 regular season.
Buster Posey                                                                       Jason Heyward
images-9.jpeg                                     images-11.jpeg                                     
- 108 Games                                                                 -142 Games
- 58 Runs                                                                      -83 Runs
- 124 Hits                                                                      -144 Hits
- 23 Doubles                                                                  -29 Doubles
- 18 HR                                                                         -18 HR
- 67 RBI                                                                        -72 RBI
- .305 AVG                                                                    -.277 AVG
- .357 OBP                                                                    -.393 OBP
- .505 SLG                                                                    -.456 SLG
- .862 OPS                                                                    -.849 OPS
Notice that Jason Heyward’s OBP is much higher, and that’s about it. Heyward has more runs scored, but played in more games. I think the “games played” is the thing that a lot of  Heyward fans are concerned about. Their argument is that that Posey’s numbers are only better because he played less games. 
I think this is bull **** for a few reasons. First of all, Buster has the same amount of HR’s as Heyward, second, almost the same amount of RBI’s as Heyward, third, Posey had a 21 game hit streak, and fourth, Posey was not far away from the amount of hits Jason Heyward had.
Imagine if Posey played as many games as Heyward. There’s no doubt in my mind that Posey would be right around .300 if not higher, he would probably have 25 HR’s, 85 RBI, 160 hits, and an OBP around .350. Not to mention Posey’s work behind the plate. He was given the best pitching staff in baseball, and had to learn how the pitchers pitch, their styles, etc… Matt Cain calls Buster Posey “Magic Fingers” because his pitch calling is so good. The guy is amazing. There’s no doubt that he was the best rookie in the NL if not the MLB.
Thank you Buster for a great year, the NL ROTY award, and contributing to the best year in Giants Baseball History.

What the Giants Should Do This Offseason in My Eyes

Considering the class of the free agent market this offseason, I cant help but think, who are the Giants going to get? Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford are obviously among the big names of this years free agent class, and a lot of teams are trying to get their hands on them. I think it is a little bit unrealistic to think that the Gmen will get one them, considering other teams will offer them more money, however, we never know. I saw that the Red Sox are already putting in a bid for Werth, and Crawford will probably find himself in a Yankee uniform, unfortunately.

I’ve been doing a little research, and I think that this guy is a GREAT fit for the Giants this year for a few reasons. 
His name is Dan Uggla, second baseman for the Florida Marlins and this is what he did in 2010:
-159 Games
-100 Runs
-169 Gits
-31 Doubles
-33 HR
-105 RBI
-.287 AVG
-.369 OBP
Bottom Line, this guy is good. I just read that he declined Marlins offer for 2011, meaning that he will have a new home next year. He and Cody Ross were good buddies on the Marlins, and I think he’s tired of losing, and saw what Cody did last year – found a new home in SAN FRANCISCO, and won a World Series. Hopefully Cody can convince him, and hopefully Uggla will follow Ross’s footsteps.
Now, I realize that Freddy Sanchez is our second baseman, he’s not going anywhere. Move Uggla to shortstop, now that Renteria is gone. Then, put Uribe/Panda/Brandon Belt/anyone else or new at third base. That looks pretty good to me. I’ll take a shortstop who can hit for average, as well as HR, as well as RBI. C’mon over Dan!
Here is what we would look like defensively (in my opinion):
C – Buster Posey
1B – Travis Ishikawa/Brandon Belt*
2B – Freddy Sanchez
SS – Dan Uggla
3B – Uribe/Sandoval/Brandon Belt*
LF – Aubrey Huff
CF – Andres Torres/Aaron Rowand
RF – Cody Ross/Nate Schierholtz
Who am I forgetting? Burrell?
Here would be my line-up:
1. Andres Torres
2. Freddy Sanchez
3. Buster Posey
4. Dan Uggla
5. Aubrey Huff
6. Cody Ross
7. Travis Ishikawa
8. Juan Uribe
9. Tim Lincecum
*Brandon Belt is a top Minor League Prospect, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants called him up next year.
Here are his numbers in the Minors in 2010
SJ – .383 AVG
       77 GAMES
       103 HITS
       10 HR
       62 RBI
       .492 OBP
RIC – .337 AVG
        46 GAMES
        59 HITS
        9 HR
        40 RBI
        .413 OBP
FRE – .229 AVG
         13 GAMES
         11 HITS
         4 HR
         10 RBI
         .393 OBP
TOTALS – .352
               136 GAMES
               173 HITS
               23 HR
               112 RBI
               .455 OBP
Not bad at all, similar to Buster Posey’s numbers offensively. He’s a first baseman, but if the Panda doesn’t lose weight in the offseason, or if there’s anything wrong with Uribe (let’s hope not) I would put him at third. Aubrey Huff originally came up as a third baseman, and he can play first and the corners in the outfield. 


Early on in the season, Duane Kuiper considered Giants Baseball as “TORTURE.” And indeed it was. Torture never felt so good. TORTURE ME. I can’t believe that the Giants are World Champs, honestly, it really is crazy. I think it hit me this morning more so that it did last night. I mean, WE WON THE WORLD SERIES. Its f.uckin cool is what it is, its the first time in San Francisco History, and the first time since 1954 (when they were in NY).

This team is so cool. What I like about them, like I’ve said before, they don’t really have any “big names,” aside from Timmy who is homegrown, and now Gerald Dempsey Posey the III, who came up this year with the Gmen. I really don’t know what to say.
Baseball is obviously a team sport, but I think this team redefines the word teamwork. Teams like the Phillies have so much talent, that it’s just kind of automatic to have a few guys with 110+ RBI years every year. Teams that get deep into the playoffs usually don’t seem to need “chemistry” as talent just takes over. I remember all the Phillies bloggers were complaining about an article at the beginning of the NLCS. The article was titled something along of the lines of “Giants Chemistry could take out Philly.” Phillie fans reponed by saying things like, “What, back to back NL Champions don’t have team Chemistry?” Things like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they do, but it was nothing like the Giants’, and the results showed. This team is so lovavble, its so sick. You really get the feeling that EVERY player loves coming to the yard to play baseball, really. It sounds cliche, but it is so true. I’ve never seen anything like it. All players these days say it is a “business,” the 2010 Giants just looked like they were having fun, like they were playing wiffle ball in the backyard or something. It was so fun to watch. You got to give Brian Sabean major credit for going out and getting guys like Ross, Burrell, and Lopez during the season. Lopez could be the best reliever of all-time, it sounds rediculous, but the guy is automatic.
Here was the opening day line-up:
1. Aaron Rowand
2. Edgar Renteria
3. Pablo Sandoval
4. Aubrey Huff
5. Mark DeRosa
6. John Bowker
7. Bengie Molina
8. Juan Uribe
9. Tim Lincecum
Here was the line-up in Game 5 of the WS:
1. Andres Torres
2. Freddy Sanchez
3. Buster Posey
4. Cody Ross
5. Juan Uribe
6. Aubrey Huff
7. Pat Burrell
8. Edgar Renteria – Congratulations: WORLD SERIES MVP
9. Aaron Rowand
PLUS – Javier Lopez –  This guy is so good.
I mean, c’mon, look how much better that is. Tip you cap to Brian Sabean, Bruce Bochy, and everyone in a Giant Uniform. THANK YOU 2010 GIANTS. TORTURE!!!
I really hope Zito can bounce back from an extremely rough 2nd half of the season, and win 15+ games next year, we all know its in him. 
Now, what about the 2011 Giants. I think you NEED to resign Huff (he’s not going anywhere) 2 years at least, Uribe no more than 2 years (age), Ross atleast 3 years, he’s young and has seemed to figure something out, KEEP EVERY BULLPEN MEMBER, the starting pitching will be exactly the same next year, except more confident, Buster will stay. Everyone else should be on contract. If you think, the Giants were bringing in a HUGE amount of money during the postseason every home game – expensive ticket prices, parking, hot dogs, beer, lemonade, hats, pins, merchandise, EVERYTHING, they should be able to afford a big bat, and with Carl Crawford on the market, we could get lucky. I’m sure the Giants success will attract some stars to come play in the Bay Area for a GOOD Giants team. For those of you who don’t know who Carl Crawford is, here is what he did in 2010, and pretty much regularly:
150393_10150316324030454_651250453_15586116_8384086_s.jpg baseball San Francisco Giants_post.jpg
what a year

Pregame 5 WS

Game 4 was f.uckin cool is what is was. Madison Bumgarner pitched 8 STRONG shutout innings allowing 3 hits and striking out 6 against a very potent Ranger offense giving the Giants a 3-1 World Series lead. 

We also got help from a few guys offensively. Aubrey hit a shot, I mean shot, to right, inside the foul pole which scored 2. Andres Torres added with 3 hits of his own. And Posey hit a solo Home Run. Despite this, it was all Bumgarner.
I really liked the lineup Bochy used for Game 4. It looked like this-
1. Andres Torres   (3-5, RBI)
2. Freddy Sanchez   (0-4)
3. Aubrey Huff   (1-4, HR, 2 RBI) DH
4. Buster Posey   (1-4, HR, RBI)
5. Cody Ross   (0-3, BB)
6. Juan Uribe   (0-4)
7. Travis Ishikawa   (0-3, BB)
8. Edgar Renteria   (3-4, HAVE A NIGHT EDGAR RENTERIA)
9. Nate Schierholtz   (0-4)
I like starting Ishi and Schierholtz. The Panda and Pat the Bat were just not producing. Burrell had a TERRIBLE Game 3 (0-4, 4 K). His at bats were terrible, swinging and missing everything, including hanging breaking balls. It was bad. As for the Panda, he’s just not the Panda he was last year. Ishi is a dangerous and disciplined hitter at the plate. Though he went 0-3, he had a great AB and drew a walk. I would definitely start him again tonight and give him another chance. Ishi also made a play at first, that I don’t think Huff could of made. Having a left-handed first baseman is just better. As for Schierholtz, he went 0-4, but I would start him again. As for now, its either Nate or Pablo, and I think Nate should get another shot. Huff at DH is also a good move because again, it allows a left handed first baseman in Ishi, and second, Huff said he feels comfortable doing it, and it showed. 
We are 1 win away from a WORLD SERIES CROWN. Timmy is on the bump tonight and will do all he can to take the series. If not tonight, no big deal, it gives us a chance to win it at home. My question is, who will be the MVP? No one has really stood out. Who cares, the Giants are a win away from a World Series title and have the chance to bring it (WS TITLE) for the first time in San Francisco History. GO GIANTS. WHAT A YEAR. GO GIANTS!!!!
Here are tonights Probables:
images-4.jpeg images-5.jpeg
Tim Lincecum   (3-1, 2.79)                           v.       Cliff Lee   (3-1, 2.51)
Game 1 rematch, lets home Timmy can do a little better, and hope for the same outcome.

Pre-Game 3

Considering how fun the past couple of days have been, I just can’t keep my mind off of baseball. I cannot wait until Game 3. Games 1 and 2 were so awesome. The score doesn’t show it, but Game 2 was actually much more of a nailbiter compared to Game 1. In the first 2 games, the Giants/Rangers broke out to score 27 runs. That is tied for third all time in terms of runs scored in the first two games of a World Series. Lets hope we can keep it up and bring this momentum into Game 3 in Arlington. As good as Sanchez was down the stretch, I cant help but think, what if he has another NLCS Game 6 collapse? Though we won that game, thanks to our outstanding bullpen, his start was a little ugly. Lets hope he brings the same intensity and momentum he did in the NLDS against the Braves. He has seemed to do fine under pressure, ignoring the Game 6 start against the Philies. 

Looking back on this season, it really is crazy that we are here in the World Series. Not that long ago, we were 6 games out of first place, 1 games back in the wild card, and it looked like the Rockies were gonna sneak up on us. I thought a huge game was when Cainer went the distance and pitched a complete game against the Rockies on September 26. It was the game he just missed throwing the no-hitter. 
Throughout this postseason, I have gotten deja vu, bringing me back to 2002, when the Giants were last in the Fall Classic. That was such a special year. I was lucky enough to go to two games with my dad, really was one of the highlights of my 18 year old life. It was so fun, I collected the DS, CS, and WS pins, and still have them on my 2002 WS hat. That year was so different. We had so many superstars, including Barry, Jeff Kent, Rich Aurillia, Kenny Lofton, and more. That was a cool year, no doubt. But there is something about this year. I really love this team, they are so rad. There are no stars (aside from the Freak, whom is homegrown), every night there is someone new doing something. Game 1 it was Juan Uribe, and Freddy Sanchez. Uribe is a career .256 hitter. However, don’t get me wrong, Uribe is one of the most dangerous hitters around, I feel like the guy can hit the ball out of the park at any given time. Yesterday, in Game 2, Renteria pulled through, he played 72 games in the regular season. I mean, Cody Ross was our NLCS MVP. It tells you so much about this team. With all due love and respect to Cody, he is a career .265 hitter. I can’t say enough about this team. As documented, they have great team chemistry. That is why they are here (not to mention the best pitching in the league). Everyone on the team is my favorite player. 
To go along with all this, the fans have been so good. Fear the Beard has been so successful, you cant forget the panda hats, and Aubrey Huff’s rally thong either. This year has been so fun, this is the best Giants team to come around in a LONG time. You just feel like everyone is having fun, and can’t wait to get to the yard, I have never seen anything like it.
And here we are, in the World Series, up 2 games to 0. 

Giants Take Game 2 of WS

Matt Cain pitched the Giants passed the Rangers in a bizarre game at At&t Park, and the Giants eventually broke through with a 7 run 8th- WITH TWO OUTS!

Matt Cain was the hero of the night, pitching 7 2/3 shutout innings, allowing 4 hits, while striking out 2. He has thrown 21 1/3 scoreless innings in a row this postseason. That is 4th all time. Keep it up Matt!
For the Rangers, CJ Wilson was almost as good, however allowed a bomb to Edgar Renteria. Wilson pitched 6 innings of 2 run ball, until he left the game with a blister, what a *****.
I thought this was a great game. Really, if you can believe it, it was closer than the scoreboard shows. 
I was really happy to see this guy pull through: 106249462_crop_340x234.jpg
Here were his numbers for the night – (2-4, HR, 3 RBI). He had a rough year with injuries and I was happy to see him pull through at the RIGHT time.
If you look back, a lot of our bench guys stepped up, including Aaron Rowand. He had a pinch hit 2-run triple that went straight to triples alley. 
I though the Rangers bullpen was really tough. That was a very good performance, they should really keep it up. What about the dude throwing 12 balls on 13 pitches? That guy could be an MVP Candidate along with Brooks Conrad. 
It was a great day at the yard, another sell out, another night of people going nuts. 
Here are the Game 3 Probables:
images-2.jpeg images-3.jpeg
Jonathan Sanchez   (0-1, 2.93)                     v.      Colby Lewis   (2-0, 1.45)
Game 3 will be in Arlington. Coverage starts at 3:30 PT.
What a year it has been. GO GIANTS.

Giants Take Game 1 of the 106th World Series

The Giants hit there way to an 11-7 Game 1 win to take Game 1 of the World Series in San Francisco against the Rangers. Timmy was not sharp, going 5 and 2/3 innings, while allowing 4 runs. Not the Timmy we’ve been used to, but a W is a W. We’ll take it.

As documented, the Giants seem to have a new hero every night. That is just one of the things I love about this team (there is so much to love). However, tonight, everyone, I mean everyone, got the barrel on the ball:
1. Andres Torres : 1-4, 2B
2. Freddy Sanchez : 4-5, 3 2B, 3 RBI
3. Buster Posey  ; 1-5, RBI
4. Pat Burrell : 0-3, BB
          -Nate Schierholtz : 1-1, RBI
5. Cody Ross : 1-5, RBI
6. Aubrey Huff : 3-4, RBI
7. Juan Uribe : 1-4, HR, 3 RBI
8. Edgar Renteria : 1-3
          -Travis Ishikawa : 1-1, 2B, RBI
9. Tim Lincecum : 0-3
That’s a total of 14 hits for the Gmen, Not bad for a defensive team. I’ll take 11 runs on 14 hits any day. 
The Giants are in a great position. Think about this. In the past 13 years, the Game 1 winner (of the WS) has gone on to win 11 times, 6 out of the last 7 times. This doesn’t mean much, because it’s baseball, but history prevails more often than not. 
Beating Cliff Lee was huge. Our pitching is better than the Rangers’ and I’m sure Cainer will do his job tomorrow. 
Here are the Game 2 Probables:
images.jpeg  images-1.jpeg
CJ Wilson (1-1, 3.93)                                      v.           Matt Cain (1-0, 0.00)

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